Royal Atlantis - Palm Jumeirah

The Royal Atlantis Resort and Residences

The project is located at the crescent of the palm Jumeirah as an extension of the existing Palm Atlantis Resort. The land is made up of reclaimed soil constructed by dredging of sea bed soil and hydraulically filling. The subsurface geological conditions are consistent with reclaimed depth of 13.45 to 21.22m underlain by the bedrock marked by the dominantly very weak, partially weathered Calcarenites/ Calcareous gritty Sandstones/Calcarenites followed by Calcirudites/ conglomerates with interbeds of calcisiltites/siltstones. The dewatering area is approximately 122,000 square meter with drawdown of 7m. The dewatering was carried out by installing 29 deeps wells in strategic locations and the wells were designed in such a way to reduce excessive abstraction of water from the recharge zone (Arabian Sea). The dewatering duration is for minimum of 3 years. Carbondale ME was able to achieve the required drawdown within the specified duration with no delay to construction works.

Palm Jumeirah - Pipe Line

Dr. Sulaiman Habib Medical City

Dr. Sulaiman Habib Medical City

The Dammam Medical city is located in Dammam – KSA. The geological feature comprises of Silt and Gravel formation composed of silt with associated sediments including caliche like gypsiferous deposit followed by coral limestone. The dewatering area is approximately 28,000 square meter. The project is a 3 basement project with a drawdown of 12m designed with 30 deep wells to relief the hydraulic pressure under the structure.

Stella Maris Tower - Dubai Marina


The Stella Maris – a Bloom Emirate Property is located in the heart of Marina (Marsa – Dubai) on plot No. 3920444 with approximate size of 60m x 57m. The building comprises of 6 basements, a ground floor and 51 story residential apartment. The building is bordered by the Marina water to the South and Dubai Marina Mall by the East.

Ajman Al Ithihad - Underpass